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"I am like his responsibility, because he is very gentle, so I have been greedy, I said to myself, after a little time, after a little time I will let go, but the deeper the trap, the more difficult it is.". Brother Fan likes me clean. He doesn't let me see blood. He stands in front of me every time he plays. The man laughed at himself, "Actually, you and I both know that it's just a self-deceiving joke. If I don't use a knife or a weapon, I don't know how much blood I have on my hands." "Master." The pink mermaid opened the window and let the sun shine in. Another year of spring blossoms. Had it not been for the accident three years ago, we might have come together, but now, he has a partner, I have you, he has more responsibility than love for me. And I am not responsible for you! The man pushed the wheel with both hands, and the wheel went out of the room. Chen Fan felt sorry for his partner, and after walking for a while, he wanted to take Terry with him. Terry gave him an angry white look: "This is only a few steps, how can I be tired,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/">Magnesium Oxide MgO</a>, you do not use your brain to think, I just carried you up to the fifth floor!" Chen Fan knows Terry is strong, he has been ignoring this problem, after all, he is a big man. So, being carried upstairs by a mermaid. It's a good thing that the black coats are not here, otherwise they will be criticized. Wait,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/info/how-to-produce-caustic-calcined-magnesite-33953413.html">caustic calcined magnesite</a>, isn't that Jin Xing a black coat? "Jin Xing is your cousin?" There was a sign pinned to the black coat, and he glanced at it. Did you say doormat? Yes. Terry nodded. He liked this cousin better, mainly because it was cool to bully him. Is he a mermaid? Chen Fan asked an incredible question. Yeah, didn't you change in front of you? Terry stopped and looked him straight in the eye. "Is there something wrong with your memory again?"? How to ask something late. "He just proposed to Kong Chen." This is an affirmative sentence. Yes "This is definitely the boldest mermaid I've ever seen." Chen Fan sighed that he had lived so long that he had never heard of a mermaid who brought his own flowers and knelt down on one knee to propose to a man. He bet that when he reported to the news agency, Kong Chen would be drowned in jealous saliva. Isn't it just a marriage proposal? Terry curled his lips and said tastefully, "I'll do it another day if you like." "Farewell." Chen Fan waved his hand. He wanted to live a few more years. But the doormat has a much better eye than me. Terry walked ahead with some frustration. What does that mean? Chen Fan hurried up with him. Kong Chen has a soft temper and is easy to bully. The most important thing is that his face and neck are long. Terry scolded the same way, Chen Fan's mouth twitched, according to what he said, he did not have the slightest benefit, but also had to go back to the furnace to rebuild. You're all mine. Stop thinking about this mess. Chen Fan said helplessly. Do it once and it's your man? Bah, I find someone else to do once is not also his person? Terry said grumpily. What is this? We have a marriage certificate. "You can still divorce if you get married." After Chen Fan woke up, Terry was in a much better mood. After all, he was the first person he wanted to treat sincerely. So, when the mood is good, <a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/">Magnesium Oxide powder</a> ,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/mineral-fertilizer/nitrogen-fertilizer/calcium-ammonium-nitrate-price.html">calcium ammonium nitrate price</a>, the lip will be fast. Not allowed It was the love he had worked so hard (and misunderstood) to get, and he couldn't bear to let go. You're a big man. Don't be so clingy, okay? Terry could not stand the way. It seems that if two people want to live a good life, they have to run in for a while. Seeing a large group of reporters guarding outside the Duke's mansion, Chen Fan had two big heads. Terry seemed very interested in moving his bones and joints. As soon as his interest grew, Chen Fan's head grew even bigger. Pulling his lover's sleeve, Chen Fan took out his cell phone and called home. Lan Feng wanted to stay at home with Chen Fan and Terry for two more days before, so he didn't bother reporters. But now the son and daughter-in-law are blocked from entering the door, which is another matter. These days, reporters are like flies, where the wind is loud, where to drill, it is all-pervasive. Five minutes later, housekeeper Li came out with a team of bodyguards in black clothes and drove people directly with the method of driving ducks. If you want to take a picture, you can confiscate it together with the camera. You said you brought two? It doesn't matter. It's all right to confiscate your whole body! Under the tough measures of housekeeper Li, Chen Fan finally returned home, but. "Tongtong, hurry up, that man's head has been beaten up by you." Chen Fan was carried out of the door and walked back. Lan Feng stood in the doorway, looking at the normal, not crazy nor silly eldest son, eyes red. Mother and father. Chen Fan recalls the action when he is mad, also can understand the helplessness of blue maple, "let you worry." Lan Feng turned his head and shed tears. Chen Rui stood behind him and put his arm around his shoulder. After the nephew's accident, Lan Ye did not leave and comforted his twin brother. After seeing Chen Fan recover, he got up to leave, after all, the king of a country has a lot of things to deal with. Terry lay back on the bed, feeling afraid for a while, if the doormat is not here, what should he do with Chen Fan. Then he was wondering when Chen Fan's position in his heart was getting heavier and heavier. Tongtong, is your waist sore? Housekeeper Li gave me a tube of ointment, which is that. Chen Fan took a bath and lay down beside him, holding the ointment in his hand, squinting at the black boy's instructions above, but his face was red. Keep it if it's lubricated. It's not lubricated. Give it to your mother and father. Terry yawned, turned over comfortably, and turned his back to Chen Fan. His body is active, and the wound that he tore open last night has healed. Chen Fan twitched at the corners of his mouth and put the ointment away, but he didn't have the courage to send it upstairs. Tomorrow will be another beautiful day! Choose Chen Fan is a well-behaved little civil servant in the finance department, and no one knows his true identity except a few good friends who play. Before this incident, many people knew that the former Crown Prince had a son who had won the Medal of Heroes, but they did not know that it was Chen Fan, because the day before the award, the war was tight,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/mineral-fertilizer/nitrogen-fertilizer/magnesium-nitrate-hexahydrate.html">magnesium nitrate hexahydrate</a>, Chen Fan returned to the battlefield, and the medal was received by his father, Duke Chen Rui. <a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/">stargrace-magnesite.com</a>

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Xu Zhi immediately denied: "Absolutely not, even if she opened, it is also my presence." Finally still can't come to a conclusion, Ning Jin got up again, but Xu Zhi thought of something, suddenly shouted: "Ning Jin!"! I want to go with you to the police. Xu Zhi suddenly called someone to come, is the first time I took the initiative, so that Mu Xixue hurried over from the lawyer's office. Although they all came, only two policemen could enter the interrogation room. Xu Wu, as a family member, could not go in, and everything was temporarily handed over to Ge Jiang. Ning Jin, you say. Where was my car on the night of the third? Ning Jin frowned and curled his head. "Xu Zhi, I'm not sure that's your car." There are so many silver cars. Xu Zhi in the interrogation room is calm to think, her car in addition to Song Qinger and himself, only Ning Sheng touched. Xu Zhi did not speak, but looked straight at him, round eyes with innocence and tenacity. Silence is better than sound. Only if you speak out can you get Ning Sheng's fingerprints, and then you won't know who is a God and who is a ghost. Ning Jin is still hesitant, no matter how bad the relationship is, Ning Sheng is also his own sister. If it was really her, he would be ashamed again. Xu Zhi stretched out his hand and grabbed his wrist. "Don't hide anything. Tell me what you know." Ji Yun drinks coldly: "Let go,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/mineral-fertilizer/magnesium-sulphate/magnesium-sulphate-price.html">Magnesium Sulphate price</a>, Xu Zhi, are you threatening?!"! In front of our police? Ning Jin lowered his eyes and put his eyelashes on it. He said coldly, "I saw her driving a car back sneakily on the 3rd night. She drove away before dawn. I didn't pay attention to the license plate, but I could see that it was a silver-gray car." Ji Yun frowned. "Who is she?" Ning Jin spoke with difficulty: "My sister, Ning Sheng." A word falls, the police there goes sending a person to search the person immediately, but the result that get is: "The person seems not to be in the city." Xu Zhi was released. But this is temporary, the police can not find evidence to prosecute her,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/">Magnesium Oxide price</a>, but she has been 48 hours, the police must release her. After Xu Zhi was free, he didn't even want to go home and went straight back to school. "Oh, Song Qing'er, you are very lucky!" Song Qing'er is not in a good mood recently, and he is too lazy to laugh at such jokes. Aren't you going to pass the end of the term? With a gentle sentence, it is easy for the other party to shut up: "Yes, Song Qinger, don't be so heartless, there are girls waiting for you outside!" Eyelids are too lazy to lift: "a lot of homework!" " "Then you let people wait like this." The more he spoke, the more irritable he became. Song Qing'er suddenly raised his eyes and said, "You help me refuse." "All right, you should study hard." The man scratched his head and said to Xu Zhi, "I'm sorry. He seems to be busy and doesn't see anyone." Xu Zhi smiled and said, "It's all right. Just tell him that I've been here." That person still one face is muddled, oh oh after a few, <a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/mineral-fertilizer/phosphate-fertilizer/mono-ammonium-phosphate-map.html">Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP</a> ,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/info/the-advantage-of-magnesium-nitrate-fertilizer-49024330.html">Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer</a>, just ask: "Er, what name do you call?"? I told him. Xu Zhi did not seem to hear, the man ran up and asked: "Hey, what's your name?" Xu Zhi is stupefied, dull: "Er, my name is Xu Zhi." "Ha ha, my name is Lin Lin." Xu Zhi smiled politely, but kept following her. She couldn't help asking, "Don't you go back to the dormitory?" Lin Lin laughs: "Come out anyway, buy bit of snack to go back again incidentally.". Qing Er also wants it. Speaking of Song Qinger, Xu Zhi hooked his lips and said, "Let's go together. I'm going to buy some, too." After almost fifteen minutes, Lin Lin returned to the dormitory, holding a little snack in his hand. Song Qing'er casually looked up and glanced at the familiar packaging. He could not help opening his mouth: "I can't see that you still like to eat cotton candy." Lin Lin frowned. "What cotton candy?" He lowers his head to turn over, low voice: "I go, Xu Zhi did not take away." The hand that is writing pauses, Song Qing Er asks warily: "What branch?" Speaking of this, Lin Lin said, "Xu Zhi, the girl who just looked for you.". Look how badly you hurt people. You forgot to take anything away. With a brush, the chair rubbed against the ground and made a sound. Lin Lin was stunned by such a big noise. He just wanted to ask. Song Qinger picked up his cell phone and went out. She's back? Why don't you tell yourself? He had deliberately avoided the matter these days, but he didn't expect her to come to him. Lin Lin: ".." As soon as he went out, Song Qing'er hit him directly, and Xu Zhi's voice rang out: "I'm downstairs." The voice is full of the loveliness of a little girl, and a bit of nifty. The bag of marshmallows. She did it on purpose. Song Qinger looked around under the corridor and finally saw someone in the shade of a tree. He turned and went downstairs. As soon as they met, Song Qinger asked, "When did you come back?" Xu Zhi said, "a few days ago, Song Qing'er, I came to see you because Elder Martial Brother Ning asked me to come to see you." Song Qinger opened his mouth, the raised part of his eyebrow bone was full of frowns, his eyeballs were covered with red blood, and his spirit was not very good. This is his sad place. Xu Zhi does not give him the opportunity to open his mouth: "You go to B big, very good to your development.". I'm sorry about Grandpa Song. It's time for you to develop. Song Qinger did not take over and looked at her sharply: "What do you mean?"? Drive me away? Xu Zhi said with a smile, "The real murderer has been found. It's Ning Sheng. She has admitted everything.". But my mother prepared for her again, hoping to reduce her sentence. What do you mean? When the breeze blows, it is the north wind; when it whistles, it makes my face ache. But very comfortable. The bangs in front of Song Qinger's forehead grew long, covering his beautiful eyebrows and eyes, covering a lot of things, and Xu Zhi could not see clearly. Song Qing'er asked, "Why did you help her?" With Ning Sheng's background, he could no longer hire a lawyer like Mu Xixue. Xu Zhi also did not conceal, say bluntly: "Ning Jin begs me, I promised." Song Qing'er opened his mouth with difficulty and obscurity, as if he were sad and resentful: "What about me?" Xu Zhi, who knew he was in the wrong, stopped talking. If I were a narrow-minded person,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/">Magnesium Sulphate producer</a>, I would hate you. Xu Zhi asked, "Are you?" Song Qing'er immediately replied, "Half and half." Speaking of which. There's nothing to say. Xu Zhi took the initiative to mention things about B University: "Things about B University.". Brother Ning said he hoped to give an answer this week. What do you think? 。 <a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/mineral-fertilizer/phosphate-fertilizer/mono-ammonium-phosphate-map.html">stargrace-magnesite.com</a>

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Zhang Yuze frowned, his face was a little pale, the scene was too bloody, and he didn't expect that the consumption of Qingxu Jianqu Zhenyuan would be so great. After swallowing a Buyuan Dan, he fell to the ground and found that the Red Lady had been completely burned to death. He searched all the magic weapons and storage bracelets of Tu's two heroes and the Red Lady. Zhang Yuze ordered the red fox to destroy the corpse, and then took it back to the pet space, scattered the wooden puppet, and quickly left with Li Tianqiu. Looking for a hidden cave, he first looked at Li Tianqiu, before he used wood Taoism deliberately did not let him see, although Li Tianqiu is not a threat at present, can not be guaranteed to be exposed in the future, so for the sake of caution, or did not let him know his strange Taoism. I want to exercise and heal. You stay outside. Zhang Yuze said. Li Tianqiu nodded and walked out of the cave, and the nine tails were beside him. Only then did Zhang Yuze show a look of pain. Although his physical strength was high and he had the inner armor of the flying star to protect him, it was not a joke for the four-layer monk to strike with all his strength. He was also slightly injured and swallowed a pill to wash his marrow. He began to breathe slowly, but he did not dare to sink all his divine consciousness into the wilderness. There was always danger in the wilderness. After a day of breathing, Zhang Yuze felt that the injury was almost recovered, so he called Li Tianqiu in and gave him some dry food and water. After a night's rest, he went on his way again the next day. The next journey did not encounter too much trouble, but because he was cautious and had to take care of a child who had less than the period of refining Qi, the speed was very slow. He returned to Ruoshuizong half a year later. As soon as he returned to Zongmen, Zhang Yuze took Li Tianqiu to the outer gate. There was a special instrument to test Linggen. The result of the test was not very satisfactory to him. Li Tianqiu's aptitude was not very good, but it was also medium. Such aptitude would not be favored by Shuang Lingzi, so he left it at the outer gate. Senior! When can I see you again? When Zhang Yuze was about to leave, Li Tianqiu suddenly stopped him. What senior? You are an outside disciple now. You should be called Shizu. The outer deacon beside him taught Li Tianqiu a lesson, and then bowed to Zhang Yuze with a flattering smile,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/mineral-fertilizer/magnesium-sulphate/magnesium-sulfate-monohydrate-kieserite.html">magnesium sulfate monohydrate</a>, "Uncle, you can rest assured to give this child to me." Zhang Yuze thought about it, and then took out two bottles of Guyuan Dan and threw them to the outer deacon. The outer deacon had a period of Qi refining, but he was too old to break through the foundation period in his life. Guyuan Dan was the best thing for him: "Take good care of him, don't let him be bullied, and don't arrange chores for him." The outer deacon was overjoyed and repeatedly saluted, saying, "Don't worry, Martial Uncle. I will definitely take good care of him." Zhang Yuze nodded and said to Li Tianqiu, "Practice well. As long as you work hard, there is nothing you can't do. One day you will become a true disciple. Then you and I can meet again." Li Tianqiu held Zhang Yuze's Guyuan Dan tightly and nodded mercilessly: "Well, I will." Zhang Yuze smiled and floated away. As Li Tianqiu watched Zhang Yuze leave, the voice of the deacon of the outer gate came to his ear: "You are lucky. This Martial Uncle is now in a very important position in the clan. He is the most hopeful to advance to the golden elixir period when we come out of the outer gate. If you get his care, you will be prosperous in the future." Chapter 40 See Dabi again. It has been two or three years since I went out this time. Dabi, <a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/mineral-fertilizer/phosphate-fertilizer/dap-diammonium-phosphate.html">dap diammonium phosphate</a> ,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/mineral-fertilizer/phosphate-fertilizer/dap-diammonium-phosphate.html">diammonium phosphate fertilizer</a>, the true disciple of Ruoshui Sect once every ten years, will start again in a year. This time, Zhang Yuze did not close the gate for a long time, and he happened to be in Ruoshui Sect, so he could not refuse. Although only five layers of cultivation, but he absolutely has the strength to compete for the first place, such as Bai Shifeng and Gu Nan, the existence of the top layer of disciples in the later period of building the foundation, have lost the qualification to participate in the ten-year competition, and the monks in the later period of building the foundation may be a little difficult for him, but it will not be too much trouble. Not every monk in the late period of foundation building can easily kill three monks in the middle period of foundation building, but Zhang Yuze did it, and did it perfectly, not to mention that now he has the great weapon of Qingxu Sword Song, including the newly acquired Flying Star Inner Armor, which can help him shine brilliantly in the inner door competition. Perhaps Zhang Yuze's biggest rival is only his best friend, Nan Haotian. He has not fought with Nan Haotian for a long time, and he doesn't know much about the strength of him. Maybe this ten-year competition will be like the last ten-year competition, and finally become the stage for both of them. After returning to the cave house, Zhang Yuze did not go out again, with a few friends gathered once and then entered the retreat again, of course, this retreat is not a long time, but his recent harvest is well sorted out, including the sacrifice of the inner armor of the flying star, as well as the proficiency of Qingxu Jianqu, nine tails in his training regardless of cost, now the level has risen to 40. With Zhang Yuze's cultivation is not much different, when the time comes, even if he meets an opponent of the same level, in the case of one against two, the goddess of victory is absolutely on his side. For more than half a year, Zhang Yuze has become more skilled in the use of various magic weapons, and Qingxu Jianqu has also made some progress. In the stage of ice and fog, he has already taken a step ahead of the monks of the same rank, and now he is more exquisite. Now everything is ready except the east wind. In the ten-year competition, it is bound to shine again. The small peak of the main peak of Ruoshui Sect, as it was 20 years ago, is full of true disciples of each vein, but at the moment the master of each vein has not yet arrived, so there is still some confusion on the scene, each vein disciple does things in his own way, and occasionally a few familiar disciples of different veins will greet each other a little, but they will not talk in depth. After all, this kind of thing is the honor that everyone hopes to strive for. Although we are all friends at ordinary times,<a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/mineral-fertilizer/magnesium-oxide-fertilizer/magnesium-oxide-powder-85.html">Magnesium Oxide powder</a>, we all have a heart to win at this time. Do you still remember the last ten years? At that time, Elder Martial Brother Bai Shifeng was really great. It was easy to get the first place. I think we will get the first place again this time. Elder Martial Brother Lin Xiujie practiced day and night, and even the master praised him. This is said by the disciple of Jingleifeng. <a href="https://www.stargrace-magnesite.com/mineral-fertilizer/phosphate-fertilizer/dap-diammonium-phosphate.html">stargrace-magnesite.com</a>