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Lin Luxiao told him: "We are not doing this to make people grateful to you, but for this country." Shao Yijiu sneered. He remembered that when they quarreled that day, the other side said the heaviest sentence: "You are just a fireman, the worst branch of the armed forces in the country. You are so ***ing powerful. Do you have the ability to be a peacekeeper and a special soldier?!"! I don't have the ability to pretend. "People don't take us seriously at all." Lin Luxiao took the cigarette from his mouth, raised his hand and pushed his head, saying, "I don't think so." "People say that firemen are the weakest and have no guns." Lin Luxiao hooked the corners of his mouth and jokingly said, "We have a water gun. Who said that about you? You shoot him with a water gun, which is guaranteed to be more powerful than the anti-terrorism M82 sniper rifle." Shao Yijiu was amused. "It's rare that you can joke." Holding a cigarette in his mouth, Lin Luxiao raised his eyebrows and said seriously, "I'm serious." The boy's mood was almost cleaned up. Two people stand up, sunlight green head, not far away is the green mountains, shadowy, the mountains are covered with a layer of gauze. Captain Lin, why do you want to join the fire brigade? According to your condition, you can actually go to the special forces. Lin Luxiao put out his cigarette and looked at the green in front of him with a wide field of vision. "It's the same wherever you go. It's all this country. Think about it. The border soldiers guard the territory of this country, and we guard the people and property of this country.". So, although there will always be one or two dregs in this society, we can't forget our own work. As long as they are citizens of this country,<a href="">ceramic bobbin heater core</a>, we have an obligation to protect them, even if the next time you see that scum in the fire, although you disgust him, but you still have to rescue him, maybe you will lose your own life, but you still have to do so, this is a qualified fireman. Understand Shao Yijiu understood,<a href="">Kamado bbq grill</a>, did not understand, even Nanchu can understand the burden on their shoulders, one by one are young men in their early twenties, but the burden on their bodies is not lighter than anyone else. Nan Chu suddenly understood the formation of Lin Luxiao's temperament. He is also a normal man, there will be seven emotions and six desires, there are also annoying people, but to the fire, no matter how much he looks down on that person, but he has to fight his own life to save him. This is his great righteousness and love. Nan Chu finished the rice in his bowl quickly in silence, wiped his mouth and reached out to his aunt, "Come and give me the bowl." Aunt Leng, "this is what Captain Lin has eaten, if you are not full, I will go inside to get you some more." Nanchu insisted on holding out his hand, <a href="">ceramic bobbin element</a> ,<a href="">7g Ozone Generator</a>, his eyes shining, and said, "It doesn't matter. The captain hates waste." Aunt: "Do you really want to eat?" Nan Chu nodded, "just give it to me." Aunt handed her the bowl. Nanchu finished it quickly and felt his bulging stomach. I'm all done. You must come back safely. When Nanchu returned to the dormitory, the director and Yang were discussing the next process of shooting. See her back, Yang Zhengang condolences two, Nan Chu shook his head to show that he is all right, "why didn't you go?" Yang Zhengang said: "I will go with Team Lin. Team Lin specifically told me to stay and watch you. Now all the wounded soldiers in the team have gone out to rescue, and even several soldiers on leave have been called back. This time the situation is urgent and serious. The program group will suspend shooting these days, and the captain will allow you to stay in the team." "Can I go home?" Asked Yan Dai? Come back when you can start shooting. Yang Zhengang thought about it, "Don't move for the time being. You are now a soldier. You need to be approved by your superiors to leave and return to the team. This is what Captain Lin told me before he got on the bus. We will discuss the specific situation when he comes back." Xu Ya said with understanding, "OK, it's all right. Anyway, I haven't had a chance to shoot recently. Director Yang, you are busy. Don't worry about us." Yan Dai sat on the stool vigorously. Nan Chu was silent for a moment and asked Yang Zhengang, "Is there any danger?" Yang Zhengang looked at her, his eyes moved slightly, just received a call from the police, all the staff were around to ask questions about shooting, the director also stopped to follow, even Xu Ya's usually friendly and kind girl, at this time only concerned about a question about shooting. On the contrary, the little girl, who usually looked heartless, was unexpectedly concerned about whether they were in danger. Yang Zhengang was a little moved, but he was disappointed and shook his head. "I don't know the situation over there. I heard that it was a chemical plant explosion. Up to now, there are still unknown liquids in a series of explosions. This is something we can't control. Don't worry about it. Listen to Captain Lin say that you are suffering from heatstroke. Have a good rest in the dormitory." Nan Chu became energetic, "Captain Lin told you about me?" Yang Zhengang nodded, "just before he left, he called me and specifically mentioned you." Nan Chu: "What did you mention about me?" Yang Zhengang thought about the quiet voice on the phone just now, "Let me watch you, don't let you get sick." Nanchu naturally interpreted this illness as heatstroke. I don't know what Lin Luxiao's original words are. There's something wrong with that girl. You watch her. Don't let her make trouble while I'm away. Yang Zhengang left, and there were only three female soldiers left in the dormitory. The program group returned the mobile phone to them and specifically told them not to take pictures. Xu Ya had nothing to do and opened a live chat with netizens, complaining about the hard training. Yan Dai was reading the script. It was a movie that was about to start in two months. Nan Chu also participated in it. Both of them were female partners, but Nan Chu played a little more than Yan Dai. Yan Dai's acting is really better than Nan Chu's. Yan Dai is really working hard for herself. Her family is not particularly well off, but she is very good and strong. She knows what she wants, so she tries to find a way to get it. She is not a talented actress, although many directors think she is scheming, but she is really dedicated. Nanchu, on the other hand, has talent, but she is heartless, or she doesn't care about the fame and wealth of the outside world at all. The company takes over her filming, and it's almost the same. After work,<a href="">steatite c221</a>, she doesn't care how good her acting skills are, or she has no desire to survive in the entertainment industry. Two people are contrast, this also is the reason that Yan Dai sees her displeased. <a href=""></a>

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If I date Ding Yue again, I will insist on not going to those high-end restaurants. He often went to some very ordinary restaurants to eat. Sometimes it's easy to eat two bowls. Face. Ding Yue sighed, "Fu Sheng, what can I do with the money I saved?"? Shall we go to the mall? Winter is coming, just in time to buy you some clothes. My heart is very sweet, or refuse. Ding Yue was a little unhappy and said with a straight face, "Fu Sheng, what's the big deal about buying clothes for your girlfriend?"? Do you have to be so clear with me? I was so embarrassed that I had to say, "Don't buy too expensive." Ding Yue answered with a light smile: "If you are embarrassed, I will buy it for you, and you will also buy it for me!" That's a good idea! I agreed with a smile. Ding Yue hugged me and said, "Silly girl!" The place where Ding Yue took me surprised me. This is the most expensive department store in town. They are all famous brands. A few thousand yuan for any one. I stood at the door and wouldn't come in. Go I'm kidding you. Don't buy me such an expensive one. I looked at him and said helplessly, "Ding Yue, it's good for you to save money to buy a car and a house. A dress costs thousands of yuan, but you can't wear it for a lifetime. It's not worth it." Ding Yue thought about it and said, "It's not very convenient to have no car. Well, come on,<a href="">Alumina Ceramic C795</a>, go in and have a look."? It's too cold to go shopping outside. I burst out laughing. So I took Ding Yue's hand and openly enjoyed the heating in the department store in the name of buying clothes. We went from house to house, but we didn't buy it. I looked at the price tag of the clothes in amazement and exclaimed. Ding Yue looked at me with a smile, ignoring the eyes of the beautiful lady in the famous shop, without any embarrassment. I like his bearing very much. Not being able to afford it has nothing to do with inner nobility. Walking to a place, my eyes stopped for a while in this famous clothing store which is famous for its black and white design. Ding Yue asked me in a low voice, "Like it?" I like it,<a href="">Ceramic ferrule for stud welding</a>, but I can't afford it. Just look at it. I smiled at Ding Yue: "Not all you like to buy." He smiled, took my hand into the shop, pointing to a black coat and said, "Fu Sheng, I think you must look good in this one.". Black suits you. I turned over the price tag and shook my hand. This coat is more than twenty thousand! I immediately put down my head and said to Ding Yue, "It's too expensive. I don't want it!" Ding Yue insisted that I try. Coax me to say: "You try, do not buy, just try." At this time, Wu Yuewei accidentally came out of the dressing room in the shop. Her eyes turned around me and Ding Yue. She smiled and said, "Teacher Ning likes it, too." This brand? I want to roll my eyes. She's so haunting! "Uh-huh.". It's just too expensive for me to buy. I answered her first. Self-abasement is invincible! I am very proud of my quick wit. This time, she can't answer back in public, <a href="">ceramic igniter electrodes</a> ,<a href="">ceramic bobbin heater</a>, can she? If she says she can't afford it, don't come shopping or anything like that, I'll give Jane to Rochester right away. Move out the classic Ah Q dialogue. The soul that stands before God needs no clothes! Ha ha, I want to laugh, the poor to maintain their self-esteem is a poor drop! "Women don't need to have money, men do." Wu Yuewei must have heard my conversation with Ding Yue and looked at Ding Yue sarcastically. Ding Yue smiled: "It is a man's responsibility to make his girlfriend beautiful.". Fu Sheng, go and try. I was about to refuse when I suddenly saw Ding Yue's eyes. He didn't want me to turn him down. I think, if his girlfriend likes it, will he lose face if he can't afford it, especially after listening to it? Wu Yuewei looked up and smiled at Ding Yue: "I like all the beautiful ones, and I don't have to buy them even if I have money." Ding Yue's eyes made me a little confused. It seems to be moved by emotion, but the smile on the lips is unusually gentle. Wu Yuewei snorted, glanced disdainfully at Ding Yue and me, and carried four or five clothes from the hanger. At the same time, she took out a card and said, "I want them all." Ding Yue asked Miss to take off the black overcoat and pushed me into the dressing room. He seemed to see what I was thinking and whispered in my ear, "I think." I can buy you a dress even if you don't buy it in this store. The implication is that he was not stimulated by Wu Yuewei. Ha ha, Ding Yue, why spend one third of a year's income to buy clothes? It's not worth it to be angry. Wu Yuewei is still lighting a fire in the wind. "Even if one year's income buys clothes for Fu Sheng, it's worth it." Ding Yue answered quietly and stopped me with his eyes. I hate Wu Yuewei. Ordinary people wear more than twenty thousand coats, which is too coquettish. She said so, not to force Ding Yue to buy, I must wear it? However, people fight for a breath, I refuse again, Ding Yue is too embarrassed. I had to try on the coat. Fu Sheng, black matches your temperament. Although you are thin, your body proportion is very harmonious. Ding Yue praised me and smiled happily. In the mirror, I have a cool feeling because of this black accident. I've never worn black, because I'm thin, and I'm afraid I'll look thinner when I wear it. But this one is big. The big lapel of the coat just widened my shoulders, my slender waist avoided the situation that there were many clothes in winter and the waist looked bloated, and the belt of the coat outlined the perfect waist line. No Do not admit that Ding Yue is very discerning. The matter has come to this point, I can only watch Ding Yue take out the card to draw the account, and then carry the overcoat of the coquettish bag to leave. When we were waiting for the bus outside the department store, Xia Changning just drove over to pick up Wu Yuewei. He got out of the car and took her pocket and threw it into the back row. He glanced at me again. He looked at the pocket in Ding Yue's hand. I immediately remembered that he had bought five thousand yuan of clothes with his friend's photo, but I didn't accept it. He was being sarcastic. Did Xia Dingyue buy a coquettish overcoat? Wu Yuewei smiled at us and got into his car. I was a little nervous. Ding Yue held my hand firmly and asked me gently, "Is it cold?" I shook my head. He turned and gathered my scarf. Passing him,<a href="">10g Ozone Generator</a>, I saw Xia Changning's car walking away. He hasn't come to me since the last time I smashed the Western restaurant. I think he really won't bother me anymore now. Here we go. After they walked away, I said to Ding Yue seriously, "It's really too expensive. I'm burning on my body.". What about my salary for a year. Why do you have to buy it? 。 <a href=""></a>

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In the past, Liu Fei seldom came to these clubs in Yanjing because of his busy working hours. Therefore, I am also very curious about this type of club. Yesterday, he saw the antique luxury of Chang'an Club. Today, I would like to see what this Beijing Club will look like. When Liu Fei came to the parking lot, the fat man Liu had been waiting for Liu Fei in the parking lot for a long time. After parking the car, in the hall, two people first showed the invitation card, but when they wanted to go in with Zhou Jianlei and Dudu, the front desk clerk looked at Zhou Jianlei and Dudu very respectfully and said: "I'm sorry for these two gentlemen, because you don't have an invitation card, so you can't go in." When Liu Fei heard this, he couldn't help frowning. Although Liu Fei knew some of the so-called rules in some clubs, he was very upset when he saw his good brothers Zhou Jianlei and Dudu being rejected. In Liu Fei's view, sometimes, some so-called regulations are just obstacles set up by some people in order to show their status, which is exactly what Liu Fei is most unhappy about. So he said to the receptionist coldly, "You have two minutes to communicate with the organizer of this banquet. Either my two brothers will go in with us, or neither of us will go in." The receptionist heard that Liu Fei's tone was so strong that she knew that the person who could get the invitation to the banquet would definitely not be an ordinary person,<a href="">Ozone generator ceramic plate</a>, so she quickly dialed the organizer's phone. The organizer was very upset at first, because the other side's toughness was a provocation to the authority of the Wu family. But when he heard the receptionist say that the other side was called Liu Fei and Liu, the organizer smiled bitterly. These two people, I'm afraid, are also top VIPs among all the guests who were invited to dinner today. These two people can't be offended. So immediately inform the front desk to let them come in together. The receptionist looked at Liu Fei and Liu curiously, guessing their identities and said with a smile, "Please come in. The organizer has agreed to let the two gentlemen in." Liu Fei just nodded coldly and walked to the VIP elevator. Very luxurious and romantic elevator,<a href="">Ceramic Band Heater</a>, but you have to admit that when you take this elevator, you can feel the feeling of reaching the sky in one step. The 50-story building arrived almost instantaneously. Walking out of the elevator, we came to the 360-degree circular corridor of the Capital Club. Standing by the window, overlooking the colorful world of the capital at night, Liu Fei suddenly remembered a poem: "When Ling is at the top, the mountains are small at a glance!" At this moment, at the entrance of the circular corridor, there was already a beautiful welcome lady waiting. Seeing Liu Fei coming in, the welcome lady came forward and exchanged a few words with several people, and then led the crowd into today's banquet hall. Along the way, the circular corridor alone had already made Liu Fei appreciate the luxurious and romantic style of the club. When Liu Fei walked into the banquet hall, he was shocked by the more luxurious layout and decoration inside. He smiled bitterly. His home was also finely decorated, but compared with here, <a href="">Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters</a> ,<a href="">ceramic welding tape</a>, it seemed that the stars were better than the sun. Here, almost every detail is perfect. After leading Liu Fei into the banquet hall, the welcoming lady left, and they were greeted by a dazzling super beauty, who seemed to be a fairy from all over the world. Although it was in winter, she was dressed in a white evening dress at the moment. She looked pure and noble, noble and graceful. They all give people a sense of perfection. As soon as Liu Fei walked into the hall, the beautiful woman came up to meet him. She took the initiative to stretch out her delicate fingers and shook hands with Liu Fei and said, "Mr. Liu Fei, I've heard a lot about you." Liu Fei looked at the woman in front of him and sighed infinitely in his heart. Now he suddenly understood the meaning of being loved by thousands of people. The woman in front of him, whether from appearance or from figure or from voice, skin and other aspects, was almost perfect and impeccable. Unfortunately, Liu Fei did not know the woman in front of him. Shaking hands with each other, Liu Fei asked, "Hello, who are you?" The beauty smiled, like a mountain flower in full bloom: "I am one of the hosts of the banquet tonight. My name is Wu Yuyan.". Mr. Liu Fei, I believe you are familiar with my name! When we were in Canglan Province, our Sihai Group received a lot of care from Mr. Liu Fei. Hearing the name of Wu Yuyan, Liu Fei suddenly remembered that Wu Yuyan was the general manager of Sihai Group, the woman who almost made Wang Junhui beyond redemption. Liu Fei now finally understand, why with Wang Junhui that kind of mental identification of people, unexpectedly will also catch the way of Wu Yuyan, it seems that this woman is not only beautiful, mind is also super many ah. Liu Fei said with a smile, "Oh, it's General Manager Wu. I've heard a lot about your name. Some time ago, Wang Junhui was almost betrayed by you. General Manager Wu, you are really a good means. You have used the turning pot. I admire Liu Fei!" Wu Yuyan could naturally hear the kind of teasing in Liu Fei's words, but she still had a very sweet smile on her face: "Mr. Liu Fei, you are really flattered. Although I am smart, I can't compare with you. You have cracked the clever plan that I have worked so hard to come up with. You are bullying girls." Liu Fei smiled faintly: "In my eyes, there is no woman, girl or man, there is only light and darkness, justice and evil, serving the people and cheating the people." Wu Yuyan said with a smile, "Well, Mr. Liu Fei, I dare not argue with you. I know that you were one of the F4 of Peking University and the absolute main force of the school's debate team. My younger sister worships you very much. If I argue with you, I will show off my incompetence.". Elder Martial Brother Liu Fei,<a href="">3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate</a>, Canglan Province is your territory. You have to take good care of my younger martial sister in the future. Liu Fei is stupefied: "Are you also Peking University?" Wu Yuyan nodded with a smile and said, "Yes, it's just that I'm 15 years later than you." 。 <a href=""></a>