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<h1>How a Custom Writing Service Can Improve Your Grades</h1><p>Reading research literature is important for nurses in all practice settings. This helps them stay abreast of current scientific advances in their particular field.</p><p>Research articles are written in a <a href="">custom writing service</a> format. A good way to start is by examining the title and abstract.</p><p>Look at how the study was conducted and if it included a methodology section with operational definitions (qualitative studies may not have these). Also, check out the references to see what other research was done on this topic.</p><h2>Introduction</h2><p>Reading research literature is one of the primary tasks for nurses and other healthcare professionals. The goal is to develop a method that allows individuals to efficiently and effectively read scientific manuscripts. Answering questions about key sections of a research paper can help a reader determine whether or not the article is relevant and can be used in clinical practice.</p><p>The introduction usually starts with a review of the previous research on the topic being investigated. The goal is to identify gaps in knowledge that the <a href="">NR 501 Week 2 Reflective Essay</a> hopes to fill.</p><p>The researcher will then describe the setting and the size of the sample, e.g., all patients who fall during their hospital stay. This section often includes a description of the instruments or tools that will be used to measure study variables.</p><h2>Methods</h2><p>Depending on the type of review you are conducting, you might organize your literature review thematically, chronologically or by research method. Thematic reviews are often preferred by professors because they allow you to discuss how your sources relate to one another and make connections that are not obvious.</p><p>Chronological literature reviews are helpful in demonstrating how research has evolved over time. They are particularly useful in research methodology and historiographical papers. They are also useful in establishing the history of arguments, deeply embedded assumptions or philosophical problems related to your research problem. Regardless of the method you choose, it is essential to only select literature that has been peer reviewed. Typically, this means articles and books that have been published in academic journals. This is a crucial step in the research process because it helps ensure that your paper is credible.</p><h2>Results</h2><p>As you read, pay attention to how researchers have interpreted their results. This will help you understand how their research fits into the research literature. Also look for statements in the articles about future research. This can indicate a 'gap' or opening for your own research.</p><p>Remember that it is impossible to read every piece of research that relates to your topic. It is important to select sources that will help you do four basic things: refine your research question, identify appropriate research methodologies, understand the limitations of <a href="">Assignment Reading Research Literature (RRL) Worksheet</a> studies and place your study in context with current knowledge. Usually, these are articles that have been published in journals or scholarly books. You can find these in the scholarly databases that we have access to through Roadrunner Search, by selecting the "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" option.</p><h2>Discussion</h2><p>Most research studies include a discussion section that interprets and describes the significance of their findings. They often link the discussion back to the research question or hypothesis that was posed and the review of literature.</p><p>For example, if the research topic was "reading", an RRL might demonstrate that the literature base on reading has been growing steadily since the early 1900s with a rapid increase in research production since the 1960s. It might then show that newer techniques for gathering, storing and analyzing information on the field of reading are required to address this rapid growth.</p><p>This study might then compare the results of its research with the findings from previous studies that have analyzed the same or a similar issue, e.g., comparing the effectiveness of student-led literature circles with that of traditional lecture classes.</p><h2>Conclusions</h2><p>For research assignments that require a literature review, you need to be selective about which sources you use. The sources need to help you do four basic things: refine your research question, identify appropriate research methods, situate your research within a current body of knowledge, and write an effective research report.</p><p>A literature review can take a number of forms, including an introduction to a study, a chapter in a graduate thesis, or a stand-alone research paper. Whatever form it takes, a literature review should provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of relevant <a href="">NR 505 Week 2 PICOT Worksheet Assignment</a> literature on the topic of your study. The literature review should also clearly and objectively describe, summarize, evaluate, and clarify this previous research. Moreover, it should highlight any gaps in the literature that your study will fill.</p>